Compassion finds its roots in the embrace of nothingness:

seeing emptiness slipping through so many fingers,
trying to touch what already is,

and witnessing all the dewy hands holding bottomless cups
searching for more water, drops of rain,
or at least the moisture of something that might be

nothingness inside
nothingness outside
nothingness on our breath

needs to be done.

Relax into nothingness
and you will see:


Not simply nothing, no,
but something too.


We are lit by awareness
i see you
and you see me,
nothing to be seen,
and yet we see.

Magical and majestic
when all tricks and royalty
return to nothingness

what is not filled with longing
will be lit by awareness,

is already lit

if not here, then just behind,
just behind the lids of sleepy busy eyes…