Awakening in Life Foundation

Contemplative practice, teachings, and translation for a transforming, planetary culture.

Practices and Teachings

Methods and teachings to support our individual and collective waking up, cleaning up, growing up, and showing up.

Practice Together

Opportunities to receive guidance and to practice together in groups, retreats, and private 1-on-1 sessions. Online and in-person.

Translation Projects

Translating classic and modern practices, texts, and books for opening, interconnecting linguistic cultures, cross-pollinating and supporting each other as citizens of this global, planetary culture.

Our Mission and Vision

The Awakening in Life Foundation exists to foster and catalyze embodied presence, radical curiosity, and an integral, heartful response to the ever increasing complexity, challenges, and crises our global planetary culture faces, in hope of living a more safe, dignified, and joyful life for everyone, everywhere. 

In particular we focus on contemplative and integral practices and teachings. We are also dedicated to translating pivotal and innovative practices and teachings into other languages and linguistic communities.

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