Practices and Teachings

We’re dedicated to offering practices and teachings that support our individual and collective waking up, cleaning up, growing up, and showing up. 

Current Trainings Available:

The Realization Process, 10-Week Training with Ryan Oelke. Zoom, July 27-September 28th. 

Our practices and teachings are rooted in:

  • Practices and teachings from Awakening in Life teacher, Ryan Oelke
  • Practice groups, retreats, and private sessions focused on Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process
  • Integral Dharma practices and teachings that are digestible and accessible, inspired by Ken Wilber’s integral framework, and other integral thinkers and communities.
  • Practice opportunities in collaboration with other open-source sanghas, like Buddhist Geeks

The format of our practices and teachings include:

  • Educational programming, trainings, learning materials, and practical guides.
  • A strong focus on accessibility of teachings, practices, learning communities, and translations
  • Open-source sharing of everything we create in the spirit of collaborative effort and support of other individuals and communities in their own similar goals and efforts. 

Transparent Generosity

All practices, teachings, and practice opportunities are offered through transparent generosity, a model created by Buddhist Geeks. We offer everything freely to anyone who wants or needs it. For each practice opportunity, we provide a suggested donation, the range of donations made, the average donation, and also ask you to consider your personal financial situation. In this way we create a relationship first and foremost of reciprocal generosity and to be of benefit. 

Current Practices and Teachings from Awakening in Life

A Complete Guide to Day-Long Meditation Retreats at Home

Receive our free ebook by Ryan Oelke on how to plan and prepare day-long meditation retreats at home. You'll be guided through the process from start to finish, including 7 worksheets to help you plan a retreat unique to your path of meditation.

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