Private Sessions

What are you awakening to in your life right now?

I offer private sessions online (video chat) and in-person in Asheville, NC. I offer a free introductory session for us to get to know each other, discuss your experience, needs, and goals, and to see how I might be of help.


I offer three tiers of rates depending on your financial income or situation. You’ll assess for yourself what tier you are and let me know:

Low-income or financially challenged
$50 for 1-hour session or 4 sessions for $150

$100 for 1-hour sessions or 4 sessions for $300

$150 for 1-hour sessions or 4 sessions for $500

Living a whole, embodied, engaged life.

I am here to support you in you discovering your own innate wisdom, supporting you in deep transformation and healing, and in encouraging your own embodiment and response in life. My approach to awakening makes use out of anything that is meaningful and useful, and relies on intuition – yours and my own. However, I find it incredibly helpful to have reference points for experience, practices, and reliable ways of exploring experience and diving deeper.

Bridging the gap between your inner world and outer life.

Often there is a split created between whatever we call ‘spiritual’ and our daily lives, especially the difficult times in our personal life and the painful world ‘out there’. Often it’s hard to make sense of how the two relate. Instead of seeking our spiritual practices as solely a safe respite and break from the difficulties of life, we can embrace our practice and life itself as a way to help us see more clearly, feel more resilient and capable of responding and experiencing it all.

My goal is to support you in exploring deeper patterns at play in your life, moving towards clarity,  tapping into deeper qualities of life that support you naturally – who you are most deeply, who you are in your work, how you show up in your relationships, and how you relate to and respond to life as a whole, in a way that feels natural, alive, and with presence.

Some of the ways I can help:

  • Freeing ways in which you feel stuck in your life by embracing your experience as an opportunity for learning and wisdom
  • Cultivating a meditation practice and other contemplative practices you can integrate intuitively in your daily life
  • Awakening to deep unconditional freedom + healing old wounds and experiencing freedom and joy in your life, relationships, and work
  • Embodying your experiences, realizations, and capacities more deeply in your body and outwardly in your life
  • Cultivating resilience and understanding in difficult times in your life
  • Exploring creative ways of responding to your life
  • Cultivating flexibility to move with life instead of against it
  • Cultivating radical openness and deep freedom

A Complete Guide to Day-Long Meditation Retreats at Home

Receive my free ebook on how to plan and prepare day-long meditation retreats at home. You'll be guided through the process from start to finish, including 7 worksheets to help you plan a retreat unique to your path of meditation.

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Ryan is a teacher of meditation and awakening, an artist, poet, and entrepreneur. He has 18 years experience, practice, and study in contemplative and meditation traditions, particularly Tibetan Buddhism and Dzogchen. He also has an MSEd in counseling psychology and is a certified spiritual psychotherapy teacher in Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process. Ryan is the founder of Awakening in Life, co-founder of Buddhist Geeks, and founder and CEO of PowerUp Productions.

He lives in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.

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