Help us empower integral bodhisattvas and co-create a planetary culture.

Every major crisis we face today requires more of us than waking up, healing, and transforming merely as individuals, communities, and nations. The love and response needed is much bigger: We must practice, live, and act together as a truly planetary culture. 

To do this we need practices and teachings designed for a planetary culture and transformation. We also believe that language is the most powerful medium of inter-culture connection and a necessary conduit for this emerging planetary culture. Therefore translation is also central to our mission.

Through translation, wisdom flows freely and easily between cultures and regions, and thus bigger, quicker, and more informed responses are possible. 

Your donation empowers us to empower contemplative, planetary warriors and communities through integral practices, teachings, and translations. 

We would say we can’t do this without you. But really, we can’t do this without each other. We’re in this together. 

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Our Projects

Operating Base to Serve

In order for us to operate at a base level, to be able to complete or begin in earnest the projects you see below, we need donations to cover basic expenses including software, accounting, legal, and administrative. With this support we can more fully, consistently fulfill our mission and bring our work to the world.

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Our Projects

About Awakening in Life Foundation

We are a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit. We offer everything we do in the spirit of generosity, freely giving what we create to all who want or need it. 

The Awakening in Life Foundation exists to foster and catalyze embodied resilience, joyful thriving, radical curiosity, and an integral, heartful response in individuals and communities, in our global planetary culture facing ever increasing complexity, challenges, and crises.

How your donations support our mission

Contemplative practice, teachings, and translation for a transforming, global culture

Projects we’re currently working on or we need your support to begin. 


Social Meditation Guide

Translating and supporting the translation of the Buddhist Geeks Social Meditation Guide into multiple languages. 

Social Meditation is a form of meditation especially relevant for the times we live in where we explicitly practice together, out loud, both inhabiting our individual and collective experiences in real time. Originally created by teacher Kenneth Folk, further pioneered by teacher Vince Horn and Emily Horn, and now Buddhist Geeks teachers and facilitators.

As long as meditation is defined as sitting silent and alone, it’s not going to catch on. We are human primates. We are social in our very bones.

- Kenneth Folk


Realization Process – Teacher Manuals

Translating and supporting the translation of the meditation exercises from the Realization Process into multiple languages.

The Realization Process is a direct path to embodied nondual awakening. It is a series of powerful but gentle, precise attunement practices for realizing your own nature as fundamental consciousness– an undivided expanse of luminous transparency, pervading your body and environment as a unity.

As fundamental consciousness, we experience ourselves and everything around us as made of empty, radiant, unified consciousness. Our own mind, heart and body are revealed to be, at root, this transparent ground of consciousness.

- Judith Blackstone

Resources/ Translation

Pragmatic Introduction to Integral Theory – Creation

The Integral Theory of Ken Wilber is perhaps more tangibly relevant than ever with the meta crisis we now face. The integral map has incredible practical, guiding use, but to be useful we need a simplified, easy-to-digest-and-apply introduction, and available in multiple languages. We will create this introduction in multimedia form and translate the guide into multiple languages.

May this integral wisdom unfold and find its multiflorous way into our hearts, our epistemologies, and our institutions for the sake of life itself and for the joys of wonder and awe.
- Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD

Resources/ Translation

Open Source Translation Guide for Contemplative Communities

Because language is a powerful, necessary conduit for wisdom and culture, we want to empower emerging, innovative, integral dharma communities to connect and enact across linguistic borders. We want to counter the limitations of translating in silos and insular communities, and instead catalyze more socially interconnected, agile, and dynamically responsive translation efforts. With these goals in mind, we will create an open source translation guide available to contemplative communities, and invite members from those communities to co-create and co-evolve this translation guide.

Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit [communities] bordering on silence.

- George Steiner


Guide for Meditation Retreats at Home

During the pandemic the importance of being able to do deep practice at home has become even more important. The English version of this guide written by Ryan Oelke has been downloaded thousands of times. We are excited to finally translate it into Spanish to begin, and later in other languages.

Retreats are powerful. They give you a chance to reset, refresh, and de-clutter your mind. They offer time to resolve unfinished things in your heart, to learn to see yourself and the world with eyes of compassion and forgiveness.
- Trudy Goodman

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If you would like to discuss how you can support our mission and the foundation, whether through donations or by joining us in taking action and bringing to fruition current and future projects, you can contact Ryan Oelke, President directly by using the form below: